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Website Development

We develop responsive, interactive websites that are easy to use and maintain. We dig deep into your business to help you clarify and refine your goals. Then we design and build a website that will achieve your objectives.

We use a five-step process to bring your site to life:

We'll begin by learning about your company's brand and goals. We'll research your industry and the competition. Finally we'll present a strategy for your site.

This is where we start getting creative. Either using your existing brand assets or wholly original designs, we'll draft a complete User Experience (UX) for your site. We'll provide wireframes, suggest content architecture and complete a visual design.

Here's where we convert our designs into working code. We'll build out the site, implement your content management system, and add all the functionality required to make your site both look good and work smoothly.

We'll beta test the site, collect your feedback, and make any necessary adjustments. When we're all satisfied, we'll open it up to a small pilot group to ensure that everything works flawlessly and that the site language and functionality makes sense to new visitors.

Time to launch! We'll migrate the site to your live server and open the doors to the public. We'll stay in the background monitoring things for a while to make sure everything is running smoothly.

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